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Lake Powell
Jeep Rentals

Explore Lake Powell area and Page Arizona with us!

Frequently Asked

Do you need to make a reservation?
NO. Our supplies are limited so best to reserve a spot early to make sure your planned adventure goes smoothly.
What should we wear?
Dress for the season, layers in winter and light clothing for summer. We also suggest comfortable traction tread shoes or tennis shoes, hats or visors, sunscreen and sunglasses. Contact wearers may prefer to switch to glasses for the tour.
What should we bring?
Bottled water (plastic), cameras with extra memory and good batteries. We can provide much of the day use or overnight camping equipment and supplies if required. See our Jeep Rentals page.
What should we do about snacks and meals?
Bring with you what you want/need. If you need us to do some shopping and stock the Jeep before your arrival, this can be arranged. Cooking equipment and coolers are available. See our Jeep Rentals page.

Remember to bring out all you bring in plus some great memories.
Are smoking or alcoholic beverages allowed?
Yes, but not in the Jeep.
How many people can go in one jeep?
One to four people can comfortable ride in the vehicle.
Is there a minimum age for children?
Yes, the minimum age is one year. Children under 18 years old must have an adult with them. You would be required to bring the child's car seat.
What is the best time of year to rent?
Spring and Fall is the best as the weather is great. Summer months can be warm. Mid summer can sometimes near 100°F. Winter can get cool with occasional light snow.
What happens if it rains?
The showers in our area are usually very brief. Occasionally in late summer monsoons are possible which can make trails muddy and riverbeds rise rapidly.
Are there restrooms on the Trails?
Most areas people like to visit that requires a four wheel drive do not have facilities. We suggest you use the restroom just before leaving. For overnight rentals, make sure to be prepared and bring what you will need.
Will we walk much on our tour?
Most places in the area you are free to roam about as you wish. Some of the destinations will require a short hike. Bring footwear suitable for rock and sand.

NOTE: A portion of every rental dollar is returned to the US Bureau of Land Management(BLM) for preservation, administration and public information.

If you have any other questions, Contact Us at any time.

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